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EmmaHawthorneEMF 2015Edinburgh Half Marathon

Emma Hawthorne (WEB’s very own Sales & Marketing Coordinator) ran the 2015 Edinburgh Half Marathon in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest British Charities and provides support to people affected by cancer. Macmillan know how a cancer diagnosis affects everything and help people feel more in control. They do this by providing a range of medical, emotional, financial and practical support and pushing for better cancer care. Because no one should face cancer alone.

On Sunday 31st May, Emma successfully completed the Edinburgh half marathon raising £448 for the charity. Further info on the charity .




TrekArctic Trek

In March 2015, 22 intrepid trekkers from businesses the Belleknowes Industrial Estate in Inverkeithing (where Web Rigging is located) flew to Finland to take park in a 100km Artic Trek. The group walked over three days and experienced camping in Artic conditions, pulling their own kit on a pulk (sledge system)

The trek was in support of Its Good 2 Give – a small charity with big ambitions – offering support to children and their families affected by cancer in Scotland. In 2014 the charity was granted permission to build a loch-side retreat for families and in 2015, with support from the trek, the build will start on the Ripple Retreat.

A combined total of £145,000 was raised by the group.

Further information on the charity, please visit


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