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Case Studies
Case Studies

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insulation repairs


Under jetty
concrete repair


Rail bridge
under deck access

Tension net

Tension netting for
pipe rack works


Containment netting
on derrick

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Dubai Frame

20170914 092104

Port Hedland

Case Study

The Port of Port Hedland is the world’s largest bulk export port located in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia, approximately 1,650km north of Perth.  
The client required access to the underside of the jetty for concrete repairs and maintenance.

WEB Solution
WEB RSL provided a bespoke engineered solution using our Grated WEB Deck™, which allowed the tide to rise and fall through the access platform.  The system was fully encapsulated using WEB Net™ so that all work was classed as inboard with no requirement for a standby boat. The system was installed for over a year and was designed for typhoon conditions.

The WEB Deck™ system was quick to install, flexible and was able to withstand the site specific tidal conditions which allowed the client to access the areas required in a safe and efficient way.


PortHedland2 PortHedland3

 Case Study


To provide safe access at a height of 150m

WEB Solution: 

WEB Systems™ provided safe access to each 8 person team on the iconic Dubai Frame where cladding was applied 150 meters high, as scaffolding was not an option.  From mobilisation to the handover of the final bay, the task was completed in 22 days.  Anchor plates and catenary wires were secured in stages over 4 days before WEB Deck™ and WEB Net™ systems were installed.  The rope access teams were then free to move around the platform to carry out their work, whilst safe and secure at height on WEB’s lightweight suspended system.


WEB Systems™ provided a lightweight working platform to allow cladding works to be carried out quickly and safely.

Dubai Frame WebDeck & WebNet in use on Dubai Frame Dubai Frame close up

Eggborough Power Station insulation repairs

The works were carried out at Eggborough Power Station.

The client required access to the furnace vents which were approximately 24ft x 20ft box section.

The works involved repairing the insulation from the underside of several of the vents.

The work area was 80ft above an access roadway.

The client was not keen to block the access roadway which would have been required should scaffolding have been used.

WEB Solution
The WEB Deck™ was installed with no obstruction to the access road either during the rig and de-rig.

If this had been scaffolded then the access road would have been blocked for the duration of the erection, the works and the dismantle. Given how long the scaffold would have taken this would have had a major impact on the daily operations on the site.

The insulation repairs were carried out quickly due to the open working platform provided by the WEB Deck.

System scaffold would have taken 86 man/days to erect and dismantle.
The WEB Deck was rigged in 18 man/days to rig and de-rig.

The result was an 80% time saving

The WEB Deck was a best fit solution for this work scope offering significant time savings.


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Under Jetty Concrete Repairs

Access required for concrete repairs to under deck of jetty. System also had to address issue regarding dogleg structure.

WEB Solution

The WEB Deck was engineered to a 1.0kN per m2 UDL for the level of men and materials required for the project. Installed in 28 man days the WEB Deck system was rigged quickly and easily with no delays. This is compared to an estimated 60 man days using scaffold. This system also incorporated a debris contamination system which prevented debris dropping from the platform. The WEB Deck provided a 78% time saving and 45% cost saving to the project in comparison to scaffold.


The WEB Deck provided a very open work area allowing for improved productivity of the concrete repair works. The WEB Deck provided a best fit solution for the jetty under deck works.

Client Reference
“At first I was sceptical about a system suspended off wires in an extremely exposed windy position, when in fact the WEB Deck™ remained very stable in all conditions” – Volker Stevin, Concrete Repair Contractor


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Containment netting for derrick

Containment system on derrick required during fabric maintenance works to derrick.

WEB Solution
WEB designed and engineered a containment system capable of containing falling debris and personnel.

The WEB containment netting system provided a comprehensive containment system. The containment system allowed other operations adjacent to the drilling derrick to continue uninterrupted. Because of this there was zero production downtime in drilling operations saving significant amounts of time and cost.


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