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WEB Catch™
WEB Catch™

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WEB Catch™

The WEB Catch™ solution addresses dropped object problems when working on derricks, flares and similar 'stacked' work areas where operatives are working directly above colleagues. In these situations customers are always concerned about the possibility that work at elevation may have an impact on workers underneath. Quite often these tasks will have to be scheduled to ensure no risk of falling debris/objects. However, inevitably this causes the entire programme to be extended. WEB Catch™ ensures that risk is mitigated and thereby allows such tasks to be carried out simultaneously. WEB Catch™ achieves this with a multi-layered system combining a large mesh net with much smaller mesh and vented sheeting. These systems are then supported on tensioned wires to enclose the work area.

In addition, the system reduces the wind inside the work area which means that works can continue inside a WEB Catch™ work area at wind levels when other works at height have to stop. This increases productivity of the workers in these difficult work areas.

DropSaveCompared to scaffolding, WEB Catch™ offers the following benefits:
• 4 times faster
• 15 times lighter
• 85% less volume
• 2 times Factor of Safety

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 North Bridge WEBCatch Geckotech June 2017.7  North Bridge WEBCatch Geckotech June 2017.6

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