WEB Deck

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WEB Deck

WEB Deck provides a solid and stable working platform which feels like scaffolding. Users are able to carry out a variety of heavy work tasks off the deck as if it were scaffolding. 

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The design is simple, lightweight and strong. WEB Deck panels feature a patented hook and clasp system which anchors the deck panels to tensioned catenary cables. These are then secured and stabilised by additional suspension chains.

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The system is suitable for many work areas including the underdeck of jetties, rigs, bridges and pipe racks and each installation is fully engi

neered to the load requirement of a project and the structure it is rigged from. 

The WEB Deck System is fully compliant with PUWER 1998 as a temporary work platform. Because of the system simplicity, installation and dismantling is fast. To ensure world class safety, WEB Deck is only installed using qualified Rope Access Technicians specifically trained as WEB Deck installers.

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 Advantages of WEB Deck

  • The system is lightweight at 14kg per m
  • Loading capacity varies from 0.5kN to 5.5kN UDL m2 depending upon the contract requirements
  • Decking is an aluminium extrusion with impregnated FR Plywood or aluminium grated flooring
  • Full containment FR polyester netting for edge protection with low deflection

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