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SkyNet6WEB Net is a tension netting system which provides a quick-to-install working platform to access areas at height. There is no tension netting system comparable to WEB Net.

Fast installation and dismantling time reduces costs by about 75%.
WEB Net tension netting is also approximately 5 - 10% of the weight and volume of scaffolding and therefore is easier and cheaper to transport. Storage space required on site and in the yard is also reduced.

SkyNet1WEB Net tension netting has a significantly lower load weight allowing it to be used on structures that do not have a high load capacity. WEB Net tension netting is installed by rope access methods – statistically safer than fall arrest methods used for scaffolding.

Fully compliant with all relevant regulations: Regulates with all aspects of UK Work At Height Regulations 2005. Lightweight system that complies with Manual Handling Regulations. 

SkyNet4WEB Net tension netting is installed by rope access technicians who have attended a WEB Net certified tension netting installation course.
Operatives who work from the net are attched to a primary twin rope or wire rope safety system. This ensures they comply with The Work At Height 2005 Regulations and BS7985 2002 Regulations. If a total containment system is utilised then operatives require only to be trained for work at height in order to work from the WEB Net tension netting.

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