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Rail bridge
Rail bridge

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Rail bridge under deck repairs

The access system was required to take a lateral load of 9kN per linear metre in order to accommodate the daily tides and flood waters on the river. This load was required high in order to account for the recent floods which had previously washed away a bridge.

WEB Solution
The grated WEB Deck was used on the project as the tide passes through the working platform daily. Scaffolding cannot be typically exposed to wave and tidal forces as it has a high resistance and is classed as a simple linear structure. The WEB Deck system is a non-linear systems so has a capacity to withstand high lateral forces such as wind and wave due to its high strength and deflection capability. The grating has been modelled to reduce frictional forces from waves and tides which would otherwise normally overload any conventional scaffold system to the point of failure. A new method of punching out the rivets to anchor the chains and to maximise the paint coverage was successfully utilised. The under deck area of the bridge was in such a state of disrepair that it was doubted to be able to support the hung weight of a standard scaffold. This was not an issue for WEB Deck with an 80% reduction in the hung weight.

The WEB Deck provides a very open work area allowing for improved productivity ofthe painting works. The WEB Deck provided a best fit solution for the bridge under deck works. The new innovative grated deck system allowed the tidal waters to pass through the system without any disruption to the profile of the working platform.


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