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Under jetty concrete repair
Under jetty concrete repair

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Under Jetty Concrete Repairs

Access required for concrete repairs to under deck of jetty. System also had to address issue regarding dogleg structure.

WEB Solution

The WEB Deck was engineered to a 1.0kN per m2 UDL for the level of men and materials required for the project. Installed in 28 man days the WEB Deck system was rigged quickly and easily with no delays. This is compared to an estimated 60 man days using scaffold. This system also incorporated a debris contamination system which prevented debris dropping from the platform. The WEB Deck provided a 78% time saving and 45% cost saving to the project in comparison to scaffold.


The WEB Deck provided a very open work area allowing for improved productivity of the concrete repair works. The WEB Deck provided a best fit solution for the jetty under deck works.

Client Reference
“At first I was sceptical about a system suspended off wires in an extremely exposed windy position, when in fact the WEB Deck™ remained very stable in all conditions” – Volker Stevin, Concrete Repair Contractor


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